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This policy outlines the use of Cookies on the website, subdomains, and associated apps (our “Sites”). Please read this policy carefully and do not hesitate to contact us using the information below should you have any queries or concerns. By using or accessing our Sites you are agreeing to this Cookie Policy.

This Policy is subject to change at any time, therefore please check back periodically for updates. Your continued use of the site is seen as acceptance of any changes to this Policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data (usually text files) that are stored on your browser. They are created when you use your browser on any internet enabled device to access a website which uses Cookies and are accessed by that website on each subsequent visit or by other websites which recognise that cookie.

Cookies are generally used to track your movements and interactions with a site and to help improve your browsing experience by remembering your registered login and automatically adjusting settings to suit your preferences. uses Cookies and other technologies to ensure our visitors and students have the best possible browsing experience.

Types of Cookies used by

There are several different types of Cookies that are possibly used on our Sites. The list below outlines these different types and gives examples of how they are used.

Type of Cookie


Strictly Necessary or Essential Cookie

These Cookies are essential to the functioning of our Sites and without these you would not be able to view or use our Sites effectively. These types of Cookies enable you access the online learning portal and make course access purchases from our store.

Examples of how these Cookies are used include:

  • Remembering the courses you selected in the store when you get to the cart/checkout and payment pages
  • Identifying you as being a logged in user of the site
  • Allowing you to access the protected areas of the site (members/account holders only areas)
  • Remembering your progress in courses

Performance Cookies

These Cookies are used to track visitor numbers and interactions with our Sites as well as to monitor the performance of our Sites. This enables us to determine which pages/courses are the most viewed and to detect when errors occur so they can be fixed timeously.

Examples of how these Cookies are used include:

  • Enabling web analytics so we can anonymously track how our Sites are used
  • Assisting in error monitoring and recording so errors can be fixed, and user experience improved

Functionality Cookies

These Cookies are used to remember user preferences

Examples of how these Cookies may be used include:

  • Remembering your preferences when using our Sites such as layouts, colours, font sizes etc.

Our Sites make use of both Session and Persistent Cookies. Session Cookies are temporary Cookies that are deleted once the browser is closed. Persistent Cookies are stored by your browser until you manually delete them or until they expire.

On our Sites there are both First-party and Third-party Cookies. First-party Cookies are Cookies which are created by the site that you are visiting at the time. Third-party Cookies are Cookies which are created by another site/domain other than the one the user is visiting.

How can you control or delete Cookies?

There are several ways in which you can control Cookies when using our Sites. These include:

  • You can choose to refuse our collection of non-essential Cookies
  • You can change your browser settings to disallow first- and/or third-party Cookies

The Performance and Functionality cookies used on our Sites are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the Sites and therefore you are able to delete or block these Cookies. Blocking of these Cookies may however affect your browsing experience and may result in you needing to manually adjust preferences each time you visit the Sites and some features may not work as intended.

Browser Settings

The browsers you use to access the internet are generally all setup to accept Cookies. You are however able to modify these settings to disallow all or certain types of Cookies and to alert you when Cookies are being sent to your device.

You will need to make these changes to the browser settings in each browser you use and on every different device that you use to access the internet.

The Cookie settings and the procedure for changing these will differ for each browser and can be found using the help function in your browser.

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