Our goal at Learn2SaveEnergy.com is to be the go-to store of information and knowledge on all aspects of energy, energy management and energy efficiency.

The field is enormous, and we are embarking on this journey mindful of the vast array of content that we will need to bring to learners on our platform. We are however inspired by the opportunity to make an impact by sharing our experiences in the energy management field over a period of close to 3 decades. Over this time, we have worked within and across a diverse range of industries and environments. Our team also possesses extensive experience in the development and facilitation of training and coaching programmes and have themselves undergone many hours of training in all aspects of energy management.

Why is energy management and energy efficiency so important today?

From a business perspective, energy is becoming a more and more significant cost driver, and the efficient use of energy has become essential for any organisation seeking to be cost-competitive. There is also a profound realisation that in the absence of the establishment of further proven reserves, non-renewable energy sources are dwindling and need to be conserved as far as possible. In the case of fossil fuels, their combustion contributes to air pollution in the form of particulates, sulphur compounds, nitrous oxides and harmful chemicals such as mercury. And overlaying all of these reasons for conserving energy and seeking cleaner forms of energy access is the threat of climate change. The less energy we can use to deliver a given amount of economic output, the smaller will be our impact on the environment, the climate and the profitability of our enterprises. Individuals can also use less energy in their homes and daily lives, all of which favours the planet and their pockets.

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Meet our Lead Instructors

Craig van Wyk

Craig has extensive energy management experience in a wide range of industries. He worked directly in the food and beverage manufacturing sector for over a decade before entering consulting. He has since conducted energy-related projects with over 100 individual manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and municipal operations. He is a UNIDO-certified National Energy Management systems Expert and Steam Systems Optimisation expert. Craig is a Chemical Engineer and also has a Master’s degree in Business. He is an experienced training facilitator and coach and has a passion for developing people.

John Wittstock

John is a seasoned resource efficiency engineer and project developer with extensive practical energy management experience. He is directly involved in long-term programmes that not only find and develop energy management opportunities, but which also assist organisations to implement them and evaluate their success. He holds an honours degree in Chemical Engineering (with distinction)  and has diverse industry experience, including in the development of energy efficient technologies.

Jenilee Ferreira

Jenilee is an engineering consultant, content developer and facilitator with experience in various aspects of energy efficiency and sustainability. She holds an honours degree in chemical engineering (with distinction) and works closely with clients across a range of industries on all aspects of resource efficiency. Her keen interest in the digital space has led to her close involvement in the development on not only this platform, but also our sister site, Learn2SolveProblems.com. Her energy management experience encompasses a range of industries, primarily in manufacturing but also in areas such as water and wastewater treatment.

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